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EPCOT Disney Park - 9 Hours Around the World

Disneyland is a childhood dream! From meeting your favorite princess or character to the futuristic designs of the park alone, Disney resorts parks will guarantee a great time. This June I road-tripped with family to Orlando Florida and spent the entire day exploring EPCOT Disneyland Park (I still could not fit every attraction in one day). By coincidence, I was also there during the Flower Garden Festival, so there several intricate and beautiful Disney inspired landscape designs. (Action word) how I spent a total of 9 hours visiting 11 countries in one day.

Latin America : Mexico

Mexico was the first country on our tour of the world and it was one of my favorites! The first monument you see is a great pavilion designed to replicate an Aztec pyramid, Most of the dining and entertainment is found inside of this pyramid. Inside we took a tour of the entire pyramid in the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros boat ride. If your able to catch it while the line is short it is something cute, quick, and comfortable to ride. I also picked up some birria and elote corn. To complement my food I grabbed a jalapeño flavored margarita that definitely hit the spot.

Europe : The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany & Norway

In Norway there was beautiful waterfall landscapes and traditional Norwegian architecture; I got to try two traditional sweet pastries that were tasty.

Germany was filled with castles and Romanesque ambience; there was even a mini countryside town with a functional mini train. The caramel cookie and dessert bar were delicious!

Italy had many cool statues, such the god Neptune sculpture within a fountain. At the entrance there was a huge Lady & the Tramp garden art sculpture surrounded by vibrant flowers. You can find many Italian themed restaurants here.

Africa : Morocco

I would like to point out that I felt as if many people did not take as much interest into Morocco but once you step inside the streets of Marrakesh. I almost felt like I was in that scene where Princess Jasmine is walking through the city in Aladdin. Don't skip Morocco! The architecture and design was spot on!

Asia : Japan & China

China was out third stop and as soon as you entered you feel like you are transported into ancient Hong Kong. There is the opportunity to watch a 360 projection video featuring all of China's history that was very inspiring. Don't forget to pick up a lucky charm at one of the gift shops!

Japan had the best drinks by far! My favorite being the sake made with purple pear and lime juice. I loved the blue accents among the temples that really made Japan stand out. I tried the curry and garlic wings which were alright.

North America: The United States & Canada

The Unites States was nice and colonial inspired. I found it a little comical that their featured dish were huge turkey legs; I am still a little hurt I did not get to try one. Inside their capital building there is a Native American and American history exhibit. There was even a choir that preforms Disney songs at certain times.

World Discovery

The World Discovery section was space and futuristic themed that had me planning my future vehicle. Most of the attractions here are thrill rides. Being at the front of the park we started our day with the Mission: SPACE ride; the were two difficulty levels for young and older riders. The second thrill ride was the best attraction in my opinion; The Chevrolet Test Track was so creatively constructed and immersive. Beyond walking through the Chevrolet electric car history and building your own car to race, the test track was so fun and got my adrenaline pumping. If you can beat the lines, it is a must stop!


After 9 hours of trudging through Epcot, I still did not make it in time for the World Nature tour. Nonetheless, my feet were completely done with me and I can say I visited 11 countries in one day. I recommend arriving early or near the end of closing (even though that's risking it). Of course, there is a heavier crowd during the day causing wait times for entertainment rides to escalate. It is also very hot during the midday in Florida in the Summer months, so bring a reusable water bottle (no glass!) to stay hydrated which is permitted inside Disney Parks. If you cannot walk for very long I suggest planning to visit Epcot within two days and/or renting a accessible scooter beforehand. Besides that enjoy your trip around the world!



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