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8 Must-haves Clothing for Winter Snow & Ski Trip

We are in the heart of winter and planning a ski trip does not seem too bad. Last January I got a rude awakening to just how cold nature can be when I visited Denver, Colorado. It was my first snow trip in years, but luckily I brought along some essentials that protected me from freezing temperatures while still being stylish. Here is a list of basically the essential gear you must have for any winter snow trip. Bonus: All of these items can be found on Amazon!


Rain-resisted Snow Coat

Having a snow coat that does not allow water to slip through is VERY important. Without the proper coat (not jacket!) you could be left freezing wet and most likely miserable. This coat is fleeced-line which kept me very warm without the overheating feeling.

Pink Tint Snow Goggles

These goggles were so perfect for snowmobiling and are super cute with its pink tint to enhance the experience! I would have just gotten them just because but they definitely kept the wind from drying out my eyes and giving me clear visibility while operating on the slopes.

Grey Camo Gloves

I know I am not the only one who hates when their fingers and toes are freezing. These camo gloves were comfortable, double-lined, and kept my fingers warm for every outdoor activity. Plus they have finger pads for your phone!

Insulated Snow Pants

Similar to the snow-proof coat, water-resistant pants are also essential. Especially for outdoor winter excursions, you do not want to be left freezing after a few minutes outside. These pants were tall girl friendly and kept warm for hours!

Fuzzy Ear Muffs

These earmuffs were super cute and kept my ears warm. I wore them for more casual outings and were the perfect accessory for any outfit. Paired with the Moon Boots and it was chef's kiss.

Everyday Bodysuit

The black long-sleeve bodysuit is another must-have to add to your closet arsenal. It is so versatile and can be worn year-round. For a snow trip, it is easy to layer and add your favorite accessories. I will be purchasing more of these!

Ski Balaclava Mask

One of the first things I bought for my snow trip was this knitted balaclava, mainly because I wanted to look cool. But honestly, it was so useful when I was exposed to extremely low temperatures. Against the wind, I kept my entire face warm and my hair in place.

Thermal Underwear

Last but not least is thermal underwear. If you decide to get anything for a winter trip I highly recommend getting this pair, both a fleece-lined top, and bottom. I promise you will be happy you invested in some. Not only can you wear these at night as pajamas to stay warm, but you can also wear them to layer underneath your snow gear to keep you warm all day.

Investing in quality gear for winter sports and outdoor activities will save you money in the long run and will last you for many years! I highly recommend these essentials to add to your closet or to purchase quickly before a Winter trip. The best thing is you can find all of these items on Amazon by clicking on the links below each picture and receive your package within 2 days with Prime shipping.

Happy Tripping!

*I receive a small commission for using my Amazon links. Thank you for supporting the blog :)



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